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You already know Elementor is the best page builder for WordPress. Today I’m offering Elementor Pro subscription for just ₹999.

(One-time Payment of ₹999 for 2 website license)

This is the current pricing of Elementor

But you don't have to pay $49 per year...

Here’s why 👇

Dear Friend,

Listen, there are lots of sites selling you Elementor pro plugin at a cheap price and you are wondering how they are doing that… right?

Well, most of them have customise the plugin with their own code and there is a great chance that they have put their own malicious code into the plugin.

Those plugins can seriously harm your site or your client site and in the long run.

That’s why I always recommend people to use authentic plugin.

When you purchase the Elementor pro from us, we’ll set up a zoom call for 10 mins and show you how we are connecting your sites with our authenticate elementor pro plugin.

Our Authentic Elementor pro plugin is fully tested to work with any WordPress theme.

⚠️ Note: We are not selling you a Elementor plugin. We’ll simply connect your website with our own Elementor Pro site.  💯 Authentic

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"These guys actually connect Elementor Pro into my site and I'm just loving it because it's authentic.."


"Thank you so much... I don't have credit card to purchase Elementor Pro and $49 is too high for a single site but now I so happy that I finally got it at such unbelievable price"


"I couldn't believe it when I see the offer. $49 to just ₹999.. are you kidding me? But it is true. These guys are just awesome. Big shout out to them."

(One-time Payment of ₹999 for 2 website license)

Elementor Pro Is The Secret To
Your Online Success

It’s the difference between fast developer and slow developer.

Without A Elementor Pro

With A Elmentor Pro

(One-time Payment of ₹999 for 2 website license)

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