What Are The Top 1% Of Wealthy Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners Doing RIGHT NOW... That The Other 99% Are Not?

We all know it takes hard work and consistency to run a business.

But, what if all that work didn’t need to be “hard” anymore …

… and, what if the required “consistency” could be put on auto-pilot?

Wouldn’t that impact your Business effectiveness and efficiency to pour-in buckets more revenue into your company?

If you want to take your business on fast-track,

Read on…

⚠️ Urgent Message

From: Tubai Purkait, Co-founder of Cybersoft Digital
Location: Kolkata, India 

Dear Business Owner,

Not going to sugar-coat this one.

Times have changed.

Inflation is on the rise…

Gas and food prices are higher than ever…

Economists are predicting we’re headed for one of the worst recessions in history…

And the online business world has CHANGED.

Good people such as yourself… are being SQUEEZED out of the competition at no fault of your own.

Ad costs are through the ROOF.

Customer reach is HALF of what it used to be.

And what worked just yesterday… is no longer working today.

It can all start to feel OVERWHELMING…

Especially if you feel like you have to “juggle it all”…

While trying to keep food on the table…

Or keep employees paid.

But I’m Here To Tell You —

The Unnecessary Business Stress... The Nighttime Heartburn... And The Non-Stop Worrying If You’re “Cut Out” For This Online Business Stuff...

All of those feelings can finally disappear…

When You Hire The Right Team

That’s what the Top 1% of Wealthy Entrepreneurs do.

They hire the right team to run their businesses.

Imagine this…

Instead of doing it all by yourself or hiring different experts for different projects…

What if.. you could get all things done by one team who will be available for you 24/7

With the help of your team you can…

Most importantly you can spend more time with your family, seeing your kids growing & doing what you love to do.

Can you really put a price on that?

Here's What We Can Do For You

Introducing the best offer you can get on the Internet.

Partner with our 24/7 team that takes care of all your tech headaches.




(or Pay $399/mo billed $4788 per year)



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(or Pay $799/mo billed $9588 per year)



(Billed $4788 annually)



(Billed $7188 annually)



(Billed $9588 annually)

Important Message!

We only take 10 clients every year and we are already at 7. We can take up to three more clients. If you are interested in working with us, this is the time to signup for a plan.

Your business will grow faster if you have smart, skilled people in every sphere.

Our Awesome Clients

Listen to our customers and see how we stand out from other agencies. 

Cybersoft Digital team are an expert when it comes to Conversion Rate optimization. They have a good understanding of customer psychology and designing landing pages that convert. They redesigned my page and we saw a drastic increase in visitors along with leads. We are happy we took their advice, and their services were top notch. They are also very quick with their turn around times. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks Cybersoft Digital, it was a pleasure working with you. 

Hitesh Motwani

Digital Marketing Trainer

Such an amazing experience! Exactly what I wanted! Will be a repeat customer for sure and refer all my clients to work with them 🙂

Sacha Sterling

Business Coach & Six Figure Entrepreneur

This is my second time working with Tubai and team and I’m so grateful that I found him. This team is extremely responsive and patient with me! They answered every single question and made my job so much easier! I’m really looking forward to working with them again in the future!


Pharmacy Professional & Author

The entire process was clearly streamlined and all deliverables were beyond expectation and within the stipulated time. The team met us in our office and understood all our requirements and provided us with the best support. I strongly recommend Cybersoft to anyone interested to build their websites.

Mansoor Danish

Ex-Banking Professional & Corporate Trainer

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