11 Step-By-Step Proven Copywriting Formula Guaranteed To Increase Landing Page Conversion (with example)

No matter how hard you try, if you’re a beginner copywriter or a business owner hesitating to invest in copywriting — you will not find the right words when you’re sitting in front of the keyboard.

Because you are missing — A FORMULA.

Yep, a formula that professional copywriter use to compose copy that gets the job done.

Once you know this formula you can also differentiate a good copy from a bad copy.

So, without any delay let’s get started. The number one and most important key of the formula is “Headline”.

1. Grab Attention With Powerful Headline

Think about Headline for a moment.

Most people spend way too little time on the headline, and way too much time on the body copy.

It should be the other way around.

Imagine you wrote the world’s best email, but the subject line sucks. Your target audience doesn’t open the email, and you don’t get sales.

So it doesn’t matter how good your body copy is.

If you write the best copy in the world, but your headline sucks, no one will read it.

And that’s why I put together this short headline swipe file for you.

So you could spend less time trying to come up with a headline that works… and spend more time making money.

2. Use A Interesting Sub-Heading

When it’s comes to sub-heading, I’ve seen most people make one of these two mistakes.

A. Either they write it as a label that hardly pique any interest.


B. They try so hard to be creative that sounds more confusing than compelling.

So, what you can do to make your sub-headline electrifying? You don’t want people to yawn when they read your sub-headline. Right?

Look, the purpose of any sub-heading is to make the reader interested in the product or service. You want your reader thinking like – “Yeah.. That’s what I want it…” and then the reader reads on the first paragraph.

Here are the few example of sub-heading you might want to have a look.

Image Source: Active Campaign

Image Source: Mixpanel

A good subheading should take just a few seconds to read. I recommend keeping your subheading between 10 and 30 words. Double the length of your headline is a good length.

3. Use Vivid Opening

First, you catch their attention with headline and then pique their interest with sub-heading. Now they are paying attention. Then the opening paragraph says, here’s what this page or this website is about.

Either you need to paint a picture that your audience desire or you need to make a statement that make them agree with you, like

"Imagine setting your own schedule and making more money from a single deal than you're making in a whole year working for someone else... Imagine earning your current income adding a side income working part time if you choose to."

The above “imagine if” copywriting technique, called future pacing, is one of the ultimate persuasive storytelling tools. You’re asking your target customer to envision how their life will change for the better as a result of using your product or implementing your idea.


"The business world as you and I know it has changed. With more skeptical customers... people starting businesses... businesses lowering their prices... rising ad costs... and a devastating 24/7 global competition... It's Harder Than Ever To Get Customers"

Something like this.

4. Flood With Credentials

This is where you should stack up your credibility. Ask questions to yourself, “why people should listen to you?”

What is your expertise/experience?

If you have a long history of being in business use that. If you have a lot of happy customers and reviews use that. If you have case studies use that. If you have science backed research use that. Anything and everything that can boost your credibility, use it.

See, this landing page,

Remember: You can not have too much credibility. Everything you can use, you should use it.

5. Your Irresistible Offer

At this point, you have placed yourself as a trusted person in the reader’s mind. You are into your reader’s desire. This is the best time to offer them your product or service.

But wait…

You should place your offer in such a way that it looks like an “Irresistible Offer”. Like an offer they can’t refuse.

You’re probably thinking… how do I make that?

Well, the easiest way you can make an offer irresistible by adding some bonuses.

Tip: You can add discount, offer Free shipping or less price on subscription.

6. Hot Bullets

Why do you need bullets?

Because bullets are for lazy people that don’t want to read. You need to turn every single features of yours products into benefits.

Basically ‘Bullets’ are like mini headlines that summarize your main points.

Tip: Use your sexiest information.

7. Testimonials

Once upon a time, a wise businessmen said to me,

What other people say about your business is far more important and believable that what you say.

100% true… right?

See, never underestimate the power of positive testimonials.

If you have video testimonials, Great!

If you have written testimonials with pictures… good! Use it now.

Show the reader what other people have to say about your service. Add customer stories. Make your reader think, “WOW! All these people, just like me, get this awesome result…”

Tip: Always ask your customer to provide you a testimonial. 

8. Value Justification

Next, you have to justify the value of your offer.

You have show not tell how is it worth the money. Highlight the value to the offer. How can you make it a no brainier?

See, how ClickFunnel creates a irresistible offer and did value justification… awesome!

9. Risk Reversal

You have to back up your offer with some kind of “Guarantee” to show you reader that you are taking all the risk.

It can be “Money Back Guarantee” or “Provide Service Until 100% Satisfied” types.

You may be thinking, some buyer will take advantage of it. Yes, they will. I can guarantee that.

But when your making much more sales, a tiny amount of refund won’t matter.

See, Clickfunnel also use risk reversal.

10. Clear Call-To-Action

You have said everything little big thing about your product/service.

You have shown other people testimonials.

You have justified the value. You have to backed your product/service with a guarantee.

Now you have to put ONE (or multiple if it’s a long sales page) big button with clear text. No more extra links. That’ll seduce the reader to click it.

Because most people don’t make a decision unless you make it easy for them.

Tip: Make your call-to-action button in either Red, Orange, Green, Yellow or Blue. These colors are proven to have better conversion.

11. Urgency

Procrastination kills sales. You got to give your reader a reason why they need to act now.

You don’t want them to wait a few days. Because most people who left the sale page will hardly return.

Have a countdown timer and summarize the offer and give them the value, the bonuses they’re going to get.

Or you can use FOMO method. Fear Of Missing Out.

Try incorporating some of these words into your copy while creating urgency.

  • Now
  • Hurry
  • One time only
  • Last chance
  • Before it’s gone
  • Clearance
  • Today only
  • Limited time
  • Instant
  • Don’t miss out

Final Thoughts

You will find this formula everywhere. From large brands to tiny mom & pops businesses using it online. Because it is proven to work.

Use these ten magical building blocks to follow when you want to write a strong sales message copy.

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